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Sway - Admin
Posted By: Sway | July 20, 2011 | Category: interview

Thank you very much to Becky for the heads up about her interview with Tom’s “Black Hawk Down” co-star Tom Sizemore.

I wonder who of Hollywood’s new leading men Sizemore finds interesting. “Tom Hardy – he’s probably the best young actor right now,” he states, receiving little protest. “I’ve known Tom since Black Hawk Down. If you knew his background… he was so rough round the edges with his accent and everything, but he has an incredible amount of facility with language. He’s a wonderful writer, he’s ambitious in a good way, he’s loyal – he treats the work with great respect – he’s an artist, and I thought he was an artist back then.”

Sizemore’s on a roll, and I’m not about to stop him, merely nodding my head in agreement: “He’s good-looking, he has a wonderful build, and even if he doesn’t want to be a huge star, his talent won’t let him be. He’s a kid who could’ve made all the mistakes I made, as we come from similar backgrounds. Unlike myself, he looked around and saw the mistakes people made, and he’s really resolute – ‘I’m not doing that shit’. I’m usually like that, but then I do it sometimes! He has great aesthetic and taste in material.”

He then reveals how close he came to working with the award-winning Hardy’s Bronson director. “I know Nicolas [Winding Refn], as I was going to do a movie called Fear X with him, but I dropped out of it, and John Turtorro took over for me as I got Dreamcatcher. I read it [Bronson] and Tom just saw the beauty in it. It’s not an obvious choice.”

Read the entire interview here.